Question about voxel-voxel correlation analysis using 3dTcorrMap


I am doing some analysis about voxel-voxel correlation on my resting-state fMRI data by 3dTcorrMap, the program is doing well on whole brain analysis(using whole brain mask).
I wander that is that possible to calculate the voxel-voxel correlation between one ROI and another different ROI(like Amygdala and Hippocampus)?
I did not find proper option in the help-file :frowning: .

Expecting to hear from u soon!


Hi, Tianshu-

3dNetCorr is a program for calculating correlation between the average time series of any number of ROIs.

Is that what you want?


Hi pt,

Indeed, I did some ROI-based correlation analysis by 3dNetcorr, it calculated the mean value of the ROIs then get the correlation among them.
What I want is voxel-voxel correlation like the function of 3dTcorrMap.
To get a functional ‘connectedness’ maps by calculating the correlation (Pearson’s r) of the residual time series in each voxel of Amygdala with every other voxel in another brain mask and storing the mean correlation back to each voxel in Amygdala, and finally I can get a map.
Is that possible?