Question about Review scripts for


I’m interested in getting some summary stats on the motion for my subjects. My read of the documentation is that a couple different review scripts are created, but when I ran the only file that got created is @epi_review.subj. This script doesn’t seem to report anything about motion. I’m confused how to produce the other review scripts described in the documentation and/or run them. This is the command I’m running:
-subj_id Subj1
-copy_anat T1+orig
-dsets rest+orig
-blocks align tlrc volreg
-trlc_base MNI152_T1_2009c+tlrc
-volreg_tlrc_warp \


What version of AFNI are you using?

Is there an @ss_review_basic or @ss_review_driver file created? If so, you can run each and see useful information.


The review scripts are not actually created without the regress processing block. The x-matrix is considered a key element for the review, so it is required. Also, motion censoring is only computed in the regress block.

  • rick