Question about FATCAT_matplot

Hi all,
I am using FATCAT_matplot to try to get output graphics for a paper. The journal requested a 300 dpi output. I have set this under Heatmap PNG, but I cannot then save the heatmap. I get the error downloadPlot.html. Is this to be expected? Am I missing a python package or is this a permission issue?

I’d really like to get this high-res output, because otherwise, I will have to do this manually in another program, which will be very cludgy. I can’t use the screen capture in Windows because it defaults to 96 dpi and I can’t edit the registry to do a higher resolution capture…

Can you send me your input table to:
justin.rajendra @
(Without the spaces)

And the output of: -check_all
Would be helpful as well.
Thanks, Justin

I sent those to you.