PTA results but no predictions

Hi all,

We’re experimenting with the new PTA program and after getting it to run successfully have a few questions…
Following Example 3, our model goes something like this:
PTA -prefix def2_pta
-input PTA.txt
-model ‘s(def2,k=6)+s(def2,by=MvF,k=6)’
-Y ‘avgCBF’
-prediction pred.txt
-verb 1

Everything runs and we seem to have some significant results, however, the entire prediction and SE columns are NA. I’ve tried a few different iterations to see if there was something wrong with our model or if we needed additional flags, but I’m stumped…any suggestions?

Running AFNI: Precompiled binary linux_ubuntu_16_64: Mar 17 2021 (Version AFNI_21.0.20 ‘Titus’) with R 3.6.0

Possible to share the first few lines of PTA.txt and pred.txt?

Sure thing.

Subj avgCBF def2 MvF grp
10005 53.5107 1 1 M
10011 44.1499 2 1 M
10021 39.0257 2 1 M
10022 45.6478 3 1 M

def2 grp MvF
0 M 1
1 M 1
2 M 1
3 M 1

Def2 goes up to 10, both M/F.