Project existing set of ROIs onto SUMA surface

Hi all,

First off, I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to SUMA, so if this is a noob question, please be merciful.

I have an existing set of ROIs in .nii.gz format that I need to concatenate and project onto the SUMA surface, maintaining the demarcation of the ROIs (I don’t want a single aggregated ROI, but each ROI assigned a unique color/identifier). The ROIs are a result of multiplying Destrieux atlas volumes produced by Freesurfer with a mask obtained from NeuroSynth. So, to reiterate, currently I have each ROI in a folder in nifti format and I want to create a .dset file from these ROIs in order to project it onto the SUMA brain to create a figure for a paper.

I appreciate your help and like I said, if this is a noob question, feel free to direct me to the relevant information.



I’d start by combining all of the ROIs in such a way that you’ll get a separate value for each one. You can follow some of the instructions laid out here. The key is to create a dummy (empty ROI) and then use 3dTcat to concatenate all of your ROIs together with the empty one first. You can then use 3Tstat with the -argmax argument, which will result in a single NIFTI (or HEAD/BRIK) that has all of your ROIs, each with a unique value.

As for mapping that file to the surface, you can use 3dVol2Surf to do that.


Awesome! Thanks for the info Peter!