problem of AFNI co-registration(volreg)

AFNI version info (afni -ver):

something was wrong when I use AFNI process MRI Image of HCP. At the step of pb02(co-registration or volreg),it dosen't work.Someone has met this problem or know how to solve it?Thansks.

code text  # or delete if not needed


Could you please copy+paste the command you used?

Also, there is a QC HTML that will show the EPI-anatomical alignment quite conveniently. What does that look like (the "ve2a" block), as well as the "initial EPI-anatomical overlap" just above it?

To open the QC, you can go into the results directory and run: -infiles QC_*/index.html

Please also see these for more descriptions of the APQC HTML: