Problem about perform command

Hello everyone!

When I use the following command for making a multimask, can I identify left and right in the results?

3dcalc -a TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_17 -b TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_18 -c TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_19 -d TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_37 -e TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_7 -f TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_32 -g TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_24 -h TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_40 -i TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_46 -j TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_9 -k TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_8 -l TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_10 -m TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_6 -n TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_4 -o TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_45 -p TT_Daemon::Brodmann_area_47 -q TT_Daemon::Hippocampus -r TT_Daemon::Amygdala -s TT_Daemon::Posterior_cingulate -t TT_Daemon::Anterior_cingulate -u TT_Daemon::Parahippocampal_gyrus -expr ‘step(a)+2step(b)+3step(c)+4step(d)+5step(e)+6step(f)+7step(g)+8step(h)+9step(i)+10step(j)+11step(k)+12step(l)+13step(m)+14step(n)+15step(o)+16step(p)+17step(q)+18step(r)+19step(s)+20step(t)+21step(u)’ -prefix MultiRegion_mask_MD

Thank you very much!
author: beckham2000

There is no distinction in your command regarding left vs.
right, so the only way to tell would be via the coordinate.
If you wanted to, the inputs could be so divided using
syntax like TT_Daemon:left:Brodmann_area_17 (or
maybe just using ‘l’ or the more clear ‘L’).

See “whereami -help” for details, and look for REGION_CODE.

That format applies in general, including to 3dcalc input.

  • rick