potential issue with region based analysis (RBA) in AFNI 22.3.07

When we updated to AFNI version 22.3.07 (from 21.0.04) I got an error message and execution halted for work I had been doing with region based analysis (RBA). Based on the error message, I can’t tell exactly what is failing, but I was able to run successfully after reverting to the older AFNI version.

I’m attaching a relevant portion of the log and my code (although the code has now been updated to call the old AFNI version). Please let me know if there is any other information you need from me.


Bryna Goeckner
Graduate Student
Meier Lab
Medical College of Wisconsin


Thanks for reporting the issue. Put the following file into your AFNI binary directory (e.g., ~/abin/):


and then try running your RBA script again. Let us know if this fixes the problem. The fix will be also in the next AFNI official release.