Postdoctoral positions in functional/structural imaging of autism spectrum disorders

Candidates are being considered for 1-2 postdoctoral positions at the San Diego State University (SDSU) Brain Development Imaging Laboratories (BDIL) in affiliation with the SDSU Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders.

Job Descriptions
The post-doctoral position(s) will be supported by several existing and newly funded NIH projects examining functional network organization, brain structure, and cognition across the lifespan (toddlers to aging) in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Postdoctoral fellow(s) will be involved in multiple NIH funded projects, with a particular role in a newly funded study of auditory precursors of early language development, utilizing sleep MRI protocols in young children. The postdoctoral fellow(s) will regularly interact with collaborating faculty at SDSU and the University of California, San Diego, and will have access to the rich San Diego cognitive and clinical neuroscience, and autism research communities.
The ideal candidates will have a strong background in neuroimaging. Clinical training is not required but would be a strength. The postdoctoral scholar(s) will have the opportunity to develop and implement new analysis pipelines for high-resolution functional and/or structural imaging as part of the new study on auditory development, as well as to contribute to continuing analysis of our existing multimodal MRI datasets across the lifespan. Fellow(s) will assist with supervision/training of graduate and undergraduate students (from diverse graduate/doctoral programs, including Clinical Neuropsychology, Cognitive Science, Computational Bioinformatics).
The Principal Investigators (Drs. Ralph-Axel Mueller, Ruth Carper, Inna Fishman) are committed to supporting fellows on their trajectory to an independent research career, including ensuring that they submit competitive applications for fellowships and external grant funding.

• PhD in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, (Clinical/Developmental/Cognitive) Psychology, Biomedical Engineering, or other relevant field.
• Experience in data acquisition, preprocessing, and analysis of brain MRI data.
• Preference will be given to applicants with:
o Experience in multiple brain imaging modalities (e.g. both diffusion and functional imaging).
o Experience with multiple analysis methods/toolkits in the relevant MRI modality.
o Experience with ASDs, other developmental disorders, or typical children or aging populations.

Brain Development Imaging Laboratories (BDIL) & Research Facilities:
BDIL ( is a diverse and collaborative research group with 3 Principal Investigators, multiple postdoctoral trainees and research faculty, PhD and Master’s students in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Clinical Psychology, and BioInformatics from both SDSU and University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Our research studies employ multiple imaging modalities (anatomical, diffusion, and functional [connectivity] MRI) as well as behavioral and neuropsychological assessments to investigate the brain bases of ASDs and age-related change across the lifespan (1-65 years). BDIL collaborates with experts in MR physics, Radiology, EEG, MEG, and Bioinformatics to implement innovative imaging and analysis techniques (e.g., simultaneous fMR/EEG recording, combined MEG and MRI). BDIL is affiliated with the SDSU Center of Autism and Developmental Disorders (, a clinical research and training core facility.

To Apply
Please e-mail CV, research statement, reprints, and 3 letters of recommendation to Ralph-Axel Mueller at: