phase encoding questions in resting state analysis

If within each session, oblique axial acquisitions alternated between phase encoding in a right-to-left (RL) direction in
one run and phase encoding in a left-to-right (LR) direction in the other run; how to use the LR and RL data into the

Look for the -blip_forward_dset and -blip_reverse_dset options in In this case, you’ll need to do an analysis of the L-R data with the reverse blip (R-L) and then an afni_proc separately for the R-L data with reverse blip (L-R). The blip portion of the processing actually happens fairly early on, so you could modify the afni_proc output script to run the data through the first few steps of each run and then pickup the analysis with both corrected runs afterwards.

I’ve not tried the blip correction on L-R/R-L data personally, but I am not coming up with reasons why it wouldn’t work. Post followups if you have hiccups!