Order of stats when reading a binary BRIK file

I am reading a binary BRIK into a program. I know that for a xyz volume, x moves fastest, then y, then z. But - I’m wondering about the stats (e.g. dimension #4) - are those moving the fastest? If I have 4 stats in a BRIK file - how would I access each of them correctly for each voxel, in terms of the computation? thanks, mb

I think I understand the question. Statistical volumes are like any other dataset. Each voxel represents a statistical value rather than an MRI intensity for some acquisition scan. In either case, multiple volumes are concatenated together - xyz for volume 1 (which in AFNI-speak is sub-brick 0), then the xyz values for volume 2 (AFNI sub-brick 1), and so on. The same kind of order is typically used for AFNI and NIFTI datasets.

Ok yes. I see. Total volume for stat1. Then total volume for stat2 etc. thanks. mb