Open Coordinator Position at the Vanderbilt SEA Lab

Hi everyone!

The Stress and Early Adversity (SEA Lab) at Vanderbilt University has an opening for a full time research coordinator. This is a perfect opportunity for senior undergraduate RAs who are thinking of going to grad school and looking for more research experience. Dr. Humphreys (Lab PI) is an excellent mentor and her lab provides lots of opportunities to learn new skills. Please forward this info along to anyone you think might be interested!

Coordinators work closely with postdoctoral fellows and graduate students in the lab to conduct and coordinate the neuroimaging components of our studies. In our research we examine the neural correlates of emotion regulation and development as well as the cognitive and biological mechanisms that underlie children’s risk for difficulties following exposure to stress. Because our studies span a wide age range, project coordinators have the opportunity to gain valuable research skills and interact with infants, young children, and adults. Our lab is highly collaborative and provides opportunities to explore professional interests within clinical psychology, cognitive and affective neuroscience, and developmental psychopathology.

For more information about the position, please visit the link below:

Interested candidates should submit a CV or resume to the SEA Lab at with “Coordinator Position Application” in the subject line or email with questions. Please include relevant information regarding your availability (e.g., anticipated graduation date, other commitments, etc.).