Oblique Dataset


I have a question regarding the necessity of running 3dwarp -deoblique. I have ran my data through @SSwarper to perform non-linear registration, and I am currently running my pre-processing script I created using the uber_subject.py. I continuously see warning messages regarding my data’s obliquity (see below). Is this something I should be concerned about? I have gone through the recommended QC using @ss_review_driver and haven’t noticed any issues.

Thank you very much for your help!

*+ WARNING: If you are performing spatial transformations on an oblique dset,
such as ./pb00.Proc_11000_April2019.r04.tcat+orig.BRIK,
or viewing/combining it with volumes of differing obliquity,
you should consider running:
3dwarp -deoblique

If you’re using our standard processing pipelines like afni_proc.py, then you can ignore those warnings. You can limit or turn off these warnings with AFNI_NO_OBLIQUE_WARNING set to YES.

Great, thank you very much!