No such file or directory: 'media/qc_09_regr_grayplot.pbar.json'

Hi there,
I’m getting an error near the end of my proc_py processing - even after the output of ss_review_basic.
I think it has something to do with creating the subjects qc json file… eg. apqc_sub-103.json

Here is the error: -qc_dir QC_sub-103
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/afni/", line 189, in <module>
    AAII = lah.read_descrip_json(img_json)
  File "/tmp/mribin/afni_versions/linux_ubuntu_16_64_Sept2019/", line 1296, in read_descrip_json
    ainfo.set_all_from_dict(ddd) # set everything in this obj that we can
  File "/tmp/mribin/afni_versions/linux_ubuntu_16_64_Sept2019/", line 192, in set_all_from_dict
  File "/tmp/mribin/afni_versions/linux_ubuntu_16_64_Sept2019/", line 175, in add_subtext
    xx = parse_apqc_text_fields(DICT['subtext'])
  File "/tmp/mribin/afni_versions/linux_ubuntu_16_64_Sept2019/", line 67, in parse_apqc_text_fields
    sspbar = make_inline_pbar_str(ss)
  File "/tmp/mribin/afni_versions/linux_ubuntu_16_64_Sept2019/", line 96, in make_inline_pbar_str
    with open(fname_json, 'r') as fff:
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'media/qc_09_regr_grayplot.pbar.json'

Is there something I’ve done on my end that could be causing this issue? I haven’t had it in the past. I don’t think its preventing anything in the pipeline, other than the final text that’s usually in output files (pasted below), but a confirmation of this would be great. -qc_dir QC_sub-103 -qc_dir QC_sub-103

++ Done! Wrote QC HTML.  To check, consider:

   afni_open -b QC_sub-103/index.html

echo \nconsider running: \n\n    afni_open -b /tmp/yassamri2/ORE/ScriptProcessingEnvironment/AFNI_ANTS_Analysis_Environment/sub-103/sub-103.ORE.preprocessed/QC_sub-103/index.html\n

consider running: 

    afni_open -b /tmp/yassamri2/ORE/ScriptProcessingEnvironment/AFNI_ANTS_Analysis_Environment/sub-103/sub-103.ORE.preprocessed/QC_sub-103/index.html

cd ..
echo execution finished: `date`
execution finished: Tue Sep 24 10:29:08 PDT 2019

Hmm, that is an odd thing to have not working; it would suggest that one of the intermediate files didn’t get made, perhaps, so it can’t be parsed? (And all of the QC happens at the very end of the processing).

What does

ls QC_*/*


Also, if you ran in one of the standard ways, there should be an “output.proc.*” text file created in the same directory that contains your results directory-- that contains a copy of all the text dumped into the terminal during processing, so it can be useful to see for any other potential errors earlier on. I will PM you instructions for uploading that, so I can take a look.