No GUI editor defined

3dTrackID -h_view
** ERROR: No GUI editor defined, and guessing game failed.
Set AFNI_GUI_EDITOR in your .afnirc for this option to work.
AFNI was run at windows 10 ubuntu subsystem.

You can check and see if you have started an ~/.afnirc file of environment variables for AFNI, which is one of the setup instructions, by running: -check_all

and looking at section at the output that would suggest how to copy the default one in the AFNI binaries into the correct location, if you don’t have it.

With or without that file, you could try copy+pasting the following into your terminal:

echo 'AFNI_GUI_EDITOR = gedit' >> ~/.afnirc

and that should probably sort it out on the windows 10 - ubuntu (NB: I have just guessed that you have gedit available as a text editor, because I think that is a default one distributed in Ubuntu).