Next NIH Bootcamp: Feb. 2017 *registration FULL*


There will be an AFNI training Bootcamp on the main campus of the NIH February 13-17, 2017. This event is open to NIH and non-NIH researchers alike.

The main five day course will cover the latest in FMRI and structural MRI analyses using the publicly available AFNI tools, including descriptions of methods, techniques and study design. Interspersed with the theory are user-interactive sessions, to gain facility with the tools, to reinforce learning and to keep everyone awake. Students, postdocs, postbacs, researchers, clinicians, PIs, etc. are all welcome to attend.

There will also be a one-day “Breakout session” on DTI analysis using AFNI and TORTOISE (also publicly available from the NIH) tools. This session is co-taught with the TORTOISE group and NINDS researchers, covering DTI acquisition tips, pre-processing/correction, and data analysis including tractographic approaches. Bootcamp attendees can sign up for this Monday session independently of the main workshop (but note that the two overlap, so those unable to be in two places at once must make a choice about Monday lectures).

The main Bootcamp lectures will be hosted in Lister Hill Auditorium, and the DTI day will be in Natcher-Building 45. It’s free of charge to attend, but users must provide their own transportation, accommodation, laptops, etc.

More detailed information, such as maps, an approximate schedule and the link for filling in the registration form, can be found here:

Please feel free to post any questions here or send them to Brian, Rick or Paul:


AFNI Bootcamp HQ

This looks great! One question: Originally the link you gave to the AFNI Bootcamp website worked, but now it just re-directs to the website usage summary page. If that could be fixed, it would really help.


My apologies give it a try now…

As now noted in the (altered) title of the original announcement, we are currently up to capacity for the NIH AFNI Bootcamp.

We will still accept registration through the same form from the Bootcamp page, but those people will now be placed on wait-list.