new HTML review has error

Hey folks,

Was excited to see the html review show up in the change log, but sadly I am hitting an error with it. Seeing the following in my terminal window: -review_style basic -subj_dir . -uvar_json out.ss_review_uvars.json
  File "/home/dowdlelt/abin/", line 341
    os.chmod(otcsh, 0755)
SyntaxError: invalid token

In searching similar errors I see comments like the following:
“In Python 3 the octal mode requires to begin with ‘0o’ while Python 2 also accepted just ‘0’. The current version is already using ‘0o’ so at least this specific error shouldn’t happen.” from here

Running with a python 2.7 environment resolves the error (hooray html reports!), however, changing the file so that the mode is 0o755 did not. Not sure why the 0o755 fix didn’t work (gave a syntax error at the comma on next line), as internet claims it should work for both python3 and 2, as seen here

It seems the syntax error is all related to python 3, rather than 2 (comes up again at the print command). So - solution: Run AFNI with py27 environment active.

Thanks for the info. We might resolve it as is done
in using ‘try’.

Thanks again,

  • rick


The version in the most recent build (fresh out of the oven now) should be fixed for python3.


Awesome, I’ll try and break it again soon then! thanks for the quick turn around!

worked without a hitch - thanks for the quick fix!

Sure thing, thanks for pointing it out.

I will have to make the next code-borne problem an even more subtle one, I see…