need help - trying to use -resid option in 3dMVM; not recognized as option

Im trying to run this 2x2x2 RManova with the residuals option; heres the top of my MVM file:

3dMVM -mask clippedfullmask3.nii -prefix Accuracy -jobs 4
-model 1
-resid /Users/jessicadefenderfer/Desktop/CV15_WAV72/ACC_30_RESID.nii
-wsVars “oxyaccnoiseType”
-num_glt 3
-gltLabel 1 OxyEff -gltCode 1 ‘oxy : 1HbO -1HbR’
-gltLabel 2 AccEff -gltCode 2 ‘acc : 1right -1wrong’
-gltLabel 3 NoiseTypeEff -gltCode 3 ‘noiseType : 1vocod -1noise’
Subj oxy acc noiseType InputFile \

but I continue to get the following error:

** Error:
Expecting 1 parameters for option “-model”.
Have 3 parameter(s) in string “1 -resid /Users/jessicadefenderfer/Desktop/CV15_WAV72/ACC_30_RESID.nii” instead.
NOTE that -resid in bad option above is not a recognized option.

Ive also tried retyping the dashes, fixing the backslashes, moving the -resid line to another level, but it continues to get tied up in the previous command. I havent used this option before, so I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


nevermind, running @updateafnibinaries -d seems to have helped.