multiple overlays in Suma

I have two questions about suma with multiple overlays

  1. I am loading multiple Dsets which are 1 in some areas and 0 in others. The color map for all Dset is the same but SUMA shows them with different colors (maping of value 1 to a color looks different for different fg data sets) what determines this? chaning the order does not change this on the fly

  2. is there a way to unload Dsets without needing to restart SUMA?


You are probably not viewing just one dataset at a time,
so colors are blending.

Set the 1 only (1) toggle button near the lower left corner
of the object controller window (with the color bar). That
will only show the colors from the current overlay dataset.

I do not know how to unload a dataset, but you can set
the display (Dsp) to off (XXX), just to the left of that “1”.

  • rick

thanks Rick,

another question: is there a way to change (increase) the contour line width when doing overlay in SUMA?

Try setting the thickness by editing a variable in the .sumarc file or on the command line.

// 065-SUMA_ContourThickness:
// Set thickness of dataset contours
// default: SUMA_ContourThickness = 1.0
SUMA_ContourThickness = 1.0

Thanks Daniel