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Hi experts,

I am running a resting state analysis using data from a database. I finished preprocessing and I am checking each participant’s output. I noticed that for most of my participants the max motion displacement and max censored displacement values are very similar if not the same. Considering that max censored displacement is examining max displacement among non-censored TRs, wouldn’t you expect this number to be smaller than the max motion displacement if TRs were censored? What does this imply if the values are similar?

Thank you,
Jenna Blujus

Hi Jenna,

That suggests that there is not much censoring going on.
What are your censoring thresholds (possibly for both outliers and motion)?
What sorts of numbers are you seeing across subjects for “TRs censored” or for “censor fraction”?

Note that you can use to generate a spreadsheet of those numbers across all subjects. It can also be used to show subjects to drop for exceeding any limits on those values. See “ -help” for examples 1 and 3, say.

  • rick