MNI space with Talairach view

Dear AFNI experts,

I have a set of images normalized to the MNI space. To do that I used the MNI152 template which is MNI space. Then, I realized that when I use the GUI the view is in Talairach coordinates. Are there some way to change that view to MNI? Is it possible to represent results in volumes or surfaces in the Talairach view using images in MNI space? I know that 3drefit can change the space (in the header), but at the end MNI and Talairach have some differences. What could be the best path to take in this case? If you could help me with this queries I would greatly appreciate it.

Best regards,

The “tlrc” view does not mean the dataset in Talairach space. The view is used for an AFNI suffix and represents that a dataset is in a standard space. That could be MNI, Talairach, D99_macaque,… So basically, there is no problem here to worry about!