Map two atlas' labels using AFNI

Hi AFNI Experts,

I’m now thinking about using AFNI to map two atlas’ labels. For example, I have two kinds of atlas, one is AAL 90 atlas which has 90 labels, another is from Freesurfer which has about 160 labels. I’d like to map these two atlas’s labels so that I can know the label 1 in AAL90 atlas contains what label numbers in Freesurfer atlas, label 2 in AAL90 atlas contains which label numbers in Freesurfer atlas, and so on.

I have tried 3dcalc:
3dcalc -a aal90+tlrc -b Freesurfer_ROI+tlrc -prefix ROI_FS2AAL_01 -expr ‘equals(a,1)*b’

where I want to map the labels in freesurfer atlas to label 1 of AAL atlas. The 2 atlas have been resampled already. However, I get the warning message as follows:
Template space of dataset Freesurfer_ROI+tlrc does not match space of first dataset.

Although I can get a result data set. But it seems not work as my thinkings.

Could anyone help to solve or tell me how to do? Many thanks!


Consider 3dmaskdump and/or “whereami -omask …” for looking at values that overlap.