List briks in bucket

Hi AFNI users,

Is there an easy way to list )or export) all the bricks in a bucket?
So to have an easier time setting up 3dttest for example.

Thank you

You can get a list from 3dAttribute[/url] or [url=]3dinfo[/url]. If you wanted to split it apart, you can use [url=]3dTsplit4D.

Another route would be to use 3dROIstats which conveniently has a new “-longnames” option, and that’ll give you the names of each sub-brik in a set.

Adding on to Peter’s good advice and to make it a little easier to find,

3dinfo -label -sb_delim ‘,’ mydsets

replacing “mydsets” with the names of your datasets. The sb_delim is optional and defaults to “|”, the vertical pipe symbol.

Another option would be to use to help write the 3dttest++ command. You can use shell wildcard expansion to list all datasets, and specify sub-bricks via labels. Consider this example from the class data, AFNI_data6/group_results/s5.ttest.paired : -command 3dttest++ \
      -write_script s5.ttest.paired -prefix stat.5.ttest     \
      -dsets OLSQ.*.HEAD                         \
      -set_labels Vrel Arel                          \
      -subs_betas 'Vrel#0_Coef' 'Arel#0_Coef'   \
      -options -paired

See the “ -help” output for more complex examples of 3dttest++ commands (example section A).

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