Issue with 1dbandpass?


I keep getting the following error:

> 1dBandpass \
> -dt 0.150 \
> -nodetrend \
> 0.7 1.0 \
> ROIdump.1D  \
> > ROIdump.BPresp.1D
*+ WARNING: bandpass: fbot=0.7 and ftop=1 too close ==> jbot=1 jtop=2 [nfft=10 dt=0.15]
*+ WARNING:  -- ignoring bandpass filter
 + bandpass: ntime=9 nFFT=10 dt=0.15 dFreq=0.666667 Nyquist=3.33333 passband indexes=0..4
 +   -- remove mean
 +   -- FFTs

Number of data points is 8000. I saw the following thread here . Could the same issue be happening here? Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi, Edwin-

Well, something is amiss because the code things you have 10 time points—that is what the “nFFT=10” item means. Can you please check the file? It would be looking for the number of rows in the file here.

If you need to transpose the file (to swap what are rows with what are columns), you could change the input file specification from:




(note the backslash is needed before the apostrophe).