Interpolating values with 3dTproject -cenmode NTRP option

Hi fellow AFNIers,

I have a question regarding the functioning of 3dTproject.
We processed some resting state fMRI time series and wanted the time series of all participants to be of equal length while still taking care of outlier volumes. To achieve this we used 3dTproject after to interpolate censored values using the -cenmode NTRP option.
I must admit I did not come up with this idea originally but it has been frequently used in our research institute.

Here is a code snippet so you can see what’s going on:

3dTproject -polort 0 -input $output_dir/${session_id}.results/pb04.${session_id}.r01.volreg+tlrc. \
      -censor $output_dir/${session_id}.results/censor_${session_id}_combined_2.1D -cenmode NTRP \
      -dsort $output_dir/${session_id}.results/Local_FSWe_rall+tlrc \
      -ort $output_dir/${session_id}.results/X.nocensor.xmat.1D \
      -prefix $output_dir/${session_id}.results/errts.${session_id}.fanaticor-interp

Now in review of the paper we applied this approach in the question was raised what happened if the neighboring volumes of the interpolated volumes were outliers as well, since those neighboring volumes are used to interpolate the censored value.
Would someone happen to know how many neighboring volumes are used to interpolate the censored volume and what would happen in the case outlined above (i.e., if two or more consequent volumes in a time series are outliers)?

Thank you all for your help!

Jonas Steinhauser