Interpolating Values onto an Atlas in MNI space


I have some results from an analysis that I performed outside of AFNI in the form of a text file with centrality values for each region in a parcellation. I used the Brainnetome atlas so I have one value for each of the 246 regions. I know the regions are labeled in the atlas in the same order as in the text file that I have. How do I go about assigning these values back onto the atlas and interpolate on the MNI template for visualization?

I feel like I am missing an obvious and easy solution.


It is possible to script this with 3dcalc using a sequence of ‘newval1equals(a,oldval1)+newval2equals(a,oldval2)+…’, but to make this job a little simpler, I wrote a small program 3dExchange to do this. The program takes as input the starting dataset, the atlas dataset in this case, and a two column text file with the first column as the input value and the second column, the output value. For this, you would probably use “-float” for floating point output. This program will be available with the next build.

Fantastic, thank you very much!