install failure on Mac mini with M1 chip

When I run the last script: "tcsh OS_notes.macos_12_ARM_b_user.tcsh" I get the following error:
just showing the last part:
" done, yay (binaries are under /Users/sunderrajan/abin)

/Users/sunderrajan/abin/ -shell_list bash zsh tcsh -do_updates path apsearch -dir_bin /Users/sunderrajan/abin

env: python: No such file or directory "

Looks like a python related message, even though I have python3 installed.
Do you have any tips to fix this? thanks.


By that script name, I am guessing you are following the installation instructions here:

The earlier steps there should have installed python (named as python, not just python3). Did you install Python a different way? What is the output if you copy+paste:

which python


The output is:
" sunderrajan@sunders-Mac-mini abin % which python

python not found"

Also, I checked usr/bin and only found phython3, which I had installed last year to learn python.

Hm, I will message you to get a copy of your dotfiles, to see if there is anything suggestive of why this isn't working there.

Step B in the above link should have installed python (as python, not python3) there to be usable.