Image Shifted

I rust ran into a problem that I have not encountered before. One subject has an image that is shifted up relative to the images from the other subjects. Something is not right with the superior-inferior dimension. I should mention that I don’t have full brain coverage (near full brain coverage) and I had to specify “-deoblique on” in order to get the structural scans to line up with the functional scans (currently considering “-cmass cmass”, “-big_move”,“-giant_move”,
“-ginormous_move”, and -align_centers yes" for the deviant subject). The deoblique option was used for all subjects. What might be going on with this subject?

If the data is oblique, you might try “3dWarp -deoblique this_dataset” on that or “3dWarp -card2oblique some_other_dataset this_dataset” just to see if the data roughly lines up. If it doesn’t, then it’s most likely a strange DICOM header that wasn’t converted properly.

I will look into this thanks for your help