I want to create ROI matrices

Dear AFNI professionals,

I want to create ROI matrices like this article. I tried to create it by refering to some message boards and handouts, but I couldn’t do that. Could you tell me know-how to create matrices ?

Because of less of my knowledge, I also don’t know which is better, 3dNetCorr or @ROI_Corr_Mat ? And one more thing, what parameters should I enter ?
for example, @ROI_Corr_Mat -ts “A” -roi “B” ,

  1. Can I use “errts.~” in A ?
  2. What is the good data for B ? (I tried to use ROI made from 3dundump)

I want to know how to use them, but I’m extreme beginner. Please tell me all contents involved them.
Then, I want to make it as easy as possible, for other workers (and me) have no information of programming.

Thank you very much.