How to save Overlay plotted on the surface with SUMA

Dear experts,

As I visualize the fMRI activation map on the surfaces (generated by Freesurfer) using SUMA (@SUMA_Make_Spec_FS), I see that there is only the option to save the “view”, but not to save the actual overlay values at each vertices (similar to a “.w” file in Freesurfer).
Is there away to accomplish this? Or perhaps a text file of overlay values at each vertices matching with the vertex ID of the surface.

Thank you,

If you are looking to create an entire dataset in text format,
then there is no reason to do it via the GUI. Use something
like 3dcopy to copy your dataset into niml.dset format, and
specify AFNI_NIML_TEXT_DATA as Yes.

If you try this and have trouble, please show your commands.

  • rick