How to run two versions of AFNI with one account

Dear, AFNI experts,

I am using our university server for my fMRI data analysis (through SSH Shell software). For now, when I log in to the server, the version is AFNI_2011_12_21_1014, which is definitely too old. In the server, there is the most recent version of AFNI installed there. Is there any way that I keep the current old version, but also use the current updated version of AFNI (I know a lot of things are updated)?



A “current old” version is kind of a funny concept, but I think I know what you mean.

Why don’t you copy the directory of “old” afni binaries somewhere, so you can get it later if you want (but that version number is SO old, I can’t imagine it being useful). Then have the version you want to be using in your PATH, so “which afni” points to the correct installation.

This is made easier by the fact that your entire AFNI binaries should be in the same directory-- what we usually have as ~/abin/, as part of the default setup. It is possible your local setup is non-standard though, I guess. You should check that out first.

But again, that old version is SOOOOO old…


PT, thanks for your very professional comment. I agree with you. You are very funny - I like your sense of humor.