How to get R^2 stats for noise model in resting state using ?

Hello afni experts,

I have posted this question before
I am using with the 3dREMLfit option for nuissance regression in resting state. I would like to get as additional output how much variance was removed by the noise model (including the motion regressors, tissue based regressors, drift etc).
The purpose is to evaluate how much variance was removed for each subjects depending on the no. of nuisance regressors I use.

How can I do this is

I tried using -rout but it does not output the R^2 stats for the error in resting state but only in task based analysis.
I am using the following script: -subj_id ${subj}\
-script proc.py_scripts_remltest/proc_${subj}.sh\
-out_dir ${top_dir}${subj}/${subj}.3dDeconvolve_remltest\
-dsets ${func_dir}pb04.P1002.scale_masked_Despiked_wds.nii.gz\
-blocks regress -regress_reml_exec -regress_opts_reml -rout -regress_motion_file /tmp/mri2/hierarchical/BOLD_variability/data/P1/G1/P1002/P1002.preprocessedtest/dfile_rall.1D -regress_apply_mot_types demean deriv -regress_extra_ortvec ${stim_times_dir}cwm.1D ${stim_times_dir}ccsf.1D -regress_extra_ortvec_labels cwm ccsf

Thank you very much in advance!