How to customize colormaps of IsoSurface (Solved)?


Is there a way to define the colors of IsoSurface dsets? There are three volume rois (val = 1/2/3), I want to apply the red/blue/green_monochrome colors to them, that will look better than the default colors given by IsoSurface. Or is it possible by drivesuma commands?



DO NOT use “-isorois+dsets” option, because SUMA will automatically loads the dsets (same name as gii) with the default color given by IsoSurface. Just solely output gii with “-isorois” option, then switch colormap in SUMA with drivesuma commands like this:

DriveSuma -npb $port -com surf_cont -view_surf_cont y -switch_surf rm.$ROI.k$ROID.gii -switch_cmap green/blue/red_monochrome