How to convey transform parameters to functional and stats datasets to template anatomical


For a pediatric study, I just used @auto_tlrc to transform skull-stripped and colocalized MP-RAGE scans to the HaskinsPeds template that comes with AFNI:

@auto_tlrc -base HaskinsPeds_NL_template1.0+tlrc -input structural_EF+orig -no_ss -onepass -ok_notice -dxyz 1.0 -suffix _CT

In a prior step, I made the native-space anatomical the anat parent (-apar) of the preprocessed time-series functional scan using 3dRefit.

however, In AFNI GUI, I am unable to overlay any time-series scan or the statistical dataset (in native space) over the transformed+tlrc anatomical image.

What am I doing wrong? Is there any way I can retroactively apply to the time-series and statistical datasets those warping parameters that were needed/applied to get the structural to conform to the Haskins?

EDIT (Since I can’t delete this)

I think I was able to solve this with:

adwarp -apar structural_EF_CT+tlrc -dpar EFTaskStats+orig -dxyz 3.75 where structural_EF_CT is the anatomical in "C"hild "T"emplate space