Head motion parameters - proc.py

Hi experts,

I am using proc.py to preprocess resting state images, closely following the pipeline laid out in example 11. The options for motion regression include demeaning the 6 motion parameters and entering their derivatives (i.e., 12 total terms). I was wondering if there is a way to expand the motion parameters to 24, for example, in line with Friston’s 24 parameter model.

Friston, K.J., Williams, S., Howard, R., Frackowiak, R.S., Turner, R., 1996. Movement-related effects in fMRI time-series. Magn Reson Med 35, 346-355.

Thanks in advance,
Jenna Blujus

Hi Jenna,

There is no such option at the present, sorry. It would be conceivable to add, though it is not an option we would recommend so highly.

  • rick