Head Model Using AFNI

Dear Members,

I want to create a head-model using AFNI. I might be using the wrong terminology so I should explain the task which I want to perform. We have recorded EEG data for emotions. After doing electrode level study, we want to go for source localization. But rather than going for MNI-152 template, we want to do the subject wise source localization on the anatomical volume of the individual subject. Later on we can create average template using the anatomical volumes of these subjects for the group analysis.

Please suggest if I can create the head model using AFNI.

I may still not be clear on what you’re attempting to do. You can certainly segment the brain in GM/WM/CSF in AFNI. But if you want to do inverse calculations then you probably want to stick to an EEG/MEG software like MNE/FieldTrip/Brainstorm. I’m most familiar with MNE, which can fit your BEM source models to individual subjects and then export those to GIFTI for overlay in AFNI/SUMA. You could then use a combination of 3dSurf2Vol[/url], [url=https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/doc/program_help/MapIcosahedron.html]MapIcosahedron[/url], and [url=https://afni.nimh.nih.gov/pub/dist/doc/program_help/MapIcosahedron.html]SurfToSurf to map data from subject space to group space.