Has AFNI been compiled for a supercomputer?

I am aware that one piece of AFNI software has, but has anyone edited the source and compiled AFNI specifically for a supercomputer platform?


I am not completely sure about the question, but AFNI is regularly used on architectures that are called supercomputers. At NIH, for instance, we have the Biowulf supercomputing cluster which uses a SLURM cluster. They regularly update the binaries with just our precompiled binary for Linux Centos. I just logged in and tried it.


[glend@biowulf ~]$ afni -ver
Precompiled binary linux_centos_7_64: Jul 17 2020 (Version AFNI_20.2.04 ‘Aulus Vitellius’)

Most of our software is not written to particularly take advantage of a cluster, but we often parallelize the swarm or sbatch scripts across subjects. For systems with multiple CPUs, several of our programs are written for OpenMP parallelization. We do have one program that includes support for SLURM clusters via the Dask Python framework, make_template_dask.py. You can read about that here: