Functional connectivity matrix derived from eigen time series


I would like to ask about the resting state functional connectivity matrix(RS-FC matrix).

By 3dNetCorr, I could make RS-FC matrix derived from mean time series. I want to make RS-FC matrix using eigen time series.

Is there any way to extract eigen time series and make RS-FC matrix in AFNI?



Maybe 3dPVmap can do what you want with the mask option.

Thank you.

3dPVmap seems working only for calculating principal components. If I have got eigen time series from it, is there any way to generate functional connectivity matrix using calculated eigen time series?

When I take a look at the function of 3dNetcorr, it does not have any option to use input that calculate externally but only it might start from calculating mean time series and use them for generating FC matrix.



It is possible to extract eigen-series from an ROI with various AFNI programs, but at this time 3dNetCorr doesn’t have that ability built into itself.