Functional connectivity map


I am trying to calculate the resting state functional connectivity(RSFC) map.

3dNetCorr does not support to use eigen value of ROI time series, so I would like to use 3dfim+ which will use 1D time series file that I input (eigen value timeseries of the ROI) and calculate the RSFC map to the whole brain.
But, 3dfim+ description is saying that “This program (3dfim+) is very old, may not be useful, and will not be maintained. Program to calculate the cross-correlation of an ideal reference waveform with the measured FMRI time series for each voxel”.

What command do I need to use to get RSFC map based on 1D time series file that I input?



Even though 3dfim+ is no longer maintained, you can still use it to compute the correlation between a 1D time series and a whole brain dataset.



3dTcorr1D takes 1D time series as columns of numbers and computes the correlation on a voxel wise basis with a 3D+time dataset. Is that what you want?