flip left-right to align affected hemispheres

Dear afni gurus,

I have a group of subjects with a palsy that affects one side of their face (Bell’s palsy), but in half the group it is the left side that’s affected and for the other half of the group it’s the right side. I’d like to align all affected sides so the contralateral brain hemispheres are aligned to the same side (e.g., left), to create group maps for the fMRI analyses. I don’t know how best to do this. Is it possible to flip the aligned fmri, anatomical and stats data post hoc? It seems like this should work but I don’t know what the appropriate commands are. Any help would be appreciated.


3dLRflip can flip data around its left-right axis. You can do this post-hoc, but you may want to do this on data that has been aligned to a symmetric atlas in this case. Otherwise, a post-hoc alignment to adjust may be necessary.

Thanks Daniel. Not sure how I missed 3dLRflip!