filtering high-frequency ICA components

Dear AFNI experts,
I would like to automatically filter the high-frequency ICA components derived from MELODIC. Could you tell me which function can I use with this purpose?
Thank you very much.

Hi Karel,

If you have text files of components that you want to apply in the final regression model, provide them using -regress_extra_stim_files, e.g.,

-regress_extra_stim_files resp.1D cardiac.1D
-regress_extra_stim_files regs_of_no_int_*.1D

To make these part of the baseline model (so that you do not get any betas for them, for example), use -regress_RONI to specify an index list of regressors of no interest (e.g. -regress_RONI 1 17 22).

Be careful with this though. Check the actual 3dDeconvolve command to be sure that the index list applied matches the regressors you supply.

If this gets too messy, I could probably add a more convenient option to pass many regressors of no interest in a single file, e.g. -regress_extra_orts MELODIC_ORTVEC.1D. Let me know if that would be more useful.

Does this seem reasonable?

  • rick