fatal error: Can't open dataset errts.P1002_REML+org

Hello afni experts,

I am trying to run proc.py using 3dremlfit with the option -Rerrts. It is a nuisance regression for resting state data.
At the end of the analysis I get the following fatal error: Can’t open dataset errts.P1002_REML+org

Looks like the dataset errts.P1002_REML+org is not created because I use the option -Rerrts ?
Can I ignore this error as long as the -Rerrts output (which is what I want) is created?
What is the default errts output when using reml if I would not use the -Rerrts option? Is errts.P1002_REML+org by default Rerrts?

I am using the following script:
afni_proc.py -subj_id ${subj}\
-script proc.py_scripts3/proc_${subj}.sh\
-out_dir ${top_dir}${subj}/${subj}.3dDeconvolve_reml\
-dsets ${func_dir}pb04.P1002.scale_masked_Despiked_wds.nii.gz\
-blocks regress -regress_reml_exec -regress_opts_reml -Rerrts denoised -regress_motion_file /tmp/yassamri2/Tsukuba/hierarchical/BOLD_variability/data/P1/G1/P1002/P1002.preprocessedtest/dfile_rall.1D -regress_apply_mot_types demean deriv -regress_extra_ortvec ${stim_times_dir}cwm.1D ${stim_times_dir}ccsf.1D -regress_extra_ortvec_labels cwm ccsf

Thank you very much for your help in advance!