F-stat for ICCb in 3dLME


We are assessing test-retest reliability using ICCb from 3dLME. In seems based on Chen et al. Hum Brain Mapp 2018 that we should be able to get F-statistics for the random effects in addition to the ICC. Is there an option that allows you to specify outputting the F-statistics associated with the ICC values in addition to ICC?

3dLME -prefix $map_folder/${output_name}fixSession -jobs 1
-model “Session”
-ranEff ‘Subj’
-mask $map_folder/BothSessions_mask0.8
-dataTable @${map_folder}/${m}.txt

(Version AFNI_18.2.15)



Unfortunately I have been distracted by other projects, and haven’t packaged the stuff in that HBM paper into the program yet. Contact me offline if you want to try out a half-baked version.