Extract t-statistics in each permute in 3dttest++


I’m doing a regression problem at the voxel level. I’m wondering if there are any options in the 3dttest++ that can save and extract the t-statistics in each permute.


This type of output (.nii format) can be created with the -CLUSTSIM option (instead of -Clustsim), if you also set environment variable AFNI_TTEST_NIICSIM to “YES” – e.g., run with the options


Note that the results in this file are the t-statistics converted to z-statistics (“scores”), as described under the ‘-toz’ option in ‘3dttest++ -help’. And the betas are not output either, as described in option ‘-nomeans’. 3dClustSim and 3dXClustSim are concerned only with thresholding.

You won’t get .nii files this way with the -ETAC option, since the 3dXClustSim program (which implements ETAC) requires data in the default compressed “.sdat” format. If necessary, I could write a “sdat->nii” converter program (the opposite already exists in program 3dtoXdataset), but I’d rather not, as that kind of task seems very tedious to me these days.