evaluating random stimulus timing files for event-related design


Is there a way to evaluate a random stimulus timing file for 3dDeconvolve analysis in AFNI that was generated by a different program?

Our behavioral test can generate many stimulus timing orders that conform to the restrictions of the behavioral paradigm. Is there a way for us to import these vectors into AFNI and have it analyze them to find the ones that are most suitable for 3dDeconvolve analysis?

For example, is there some combination of make_stim_times and timing_tool.py that would let us pick the best of these timing orders?


Hi Chrisine,

You could use the same method that we apply in AFNI_data6/ht03/@stim_analyze_modern.

Note that the script repeatedly calls make_random_timing.py to generate the timing files, then runs cmd.3dd.$iter.txt (which was created by the prior call to MRT.py) to run “3dDeconvolve -nodata” on them. You could just swap these commands out with 3dDeconvolve -nodata run on your own sets of timing files to generate a similar ranking. The script then tells you how to rank them.

How does that seem?

  • rick