ETAC: Equitable Thresholding and Clustering

The new ETAC method for cluster-thresholding is now ready for use, in program 3dttest++.

The slides from my presentation today (26 July 2017) at the NIH are available:

The help for 3dttest++ contains more details about how to use this method:

ETAC is a method that applies multiple per-voxel thresholds, allows you to use multiple levels of blurring, and does spatially variable cluster-size (or other Figure Of Merit) thresholding. To use it, you need a recently updated copy of AFNI – by “recent”, I mean within the last week or so.

Good luck, and be careful out there.

I fixed a bug in 3dttest++ -ETAC, which caused the communication between 3dXClustSim and 3dttest++ to fail if multiple blur cases (-ETAC_blur) were NOT being used. Oops. Sorry about that. New binaries are compiling now, and should be available very soon.

Hi bob, i am interested in the permutation test in this option. In the document help, it said running 1000 of 3d ttest. My question is why 1000 of ttests, not 1000 of means.

thanks a lot