Eickhoff-Zilles Cytoarchitectonic MPM atlas 2.2

The Eickhoff-Zilles Cytoarchitectonic MPM atlas has been updated! AFNI now includes the latest 2.2 version The new version is used in the default list of atlases in whereami. The previous 1.8 version will no longer appear there by default, but will still be distributed with AFNI.

The 2.2 atlas includes some new regions and some changes to existing regions, namely the dorsal extrastriate cortex (hOC3d, hOC4d), the frontal pole (Fp1, Fp2) and the gyrus fusiformus (FG1, FG2).

The new version will be available on the command line as CA_MPM_22_MNI and CA_MPM_22_TT. Note because the Macrolabel atlas (CA_EZ_ML1.8) has not changed, it is still available as the 1.8 version (CA_N27_ML, CA_ML_18_MNI, CA_ML_18_MNIA).