DVARS / censor file

Hi AFNI experts,

I would like to calculate dvars and use a threshold of 0.5% to generate the censor file which contains 1s (indicating time points to be included) and 0s (indicating time points to be excluded). In order to calculate dvars, I run the following command:

3dTto1D -input s_1_fMRI.nii -mask mask_s1.nii -method dvars -prefix s1_dvars.1D

I saw that the values of the output are in a range of 15-20. Is it normal?

On the other hand, I think that I have to use 1d_tool.py to calculate the censor file that I want to use with 3dTproject. Is it correct? If so, how should I use this function to calculate the censor file taking into account the values of dvars with a threshold of 0.5?

Thank you very much in advance!
Best wishes,