Dataset still labeled "plumb" after 3dWarp -card2oblique

Hi, all~

I’d like to rotate a plumb anat to match an oblique EPI (without moving the EPI at all) so that they overlap correctly.

Before operation, 3dinfo said the anat was “plumb” and the EPI was “oblique”.
Then I called:
3dWarp -card2oblique EPI -prefix anat -overwrite anat+orig
After the operation, the anat image was rotated as expected, and aligned well with the EPI.
However, 3dinfo still claimed that the anat was “plumb”, rather than oblique as the EPI.
And when I overlaid the EPI on the rotated anat, AFNI complained about mismatched orientation.

Is this behavior expected? (It seems quite counterintuitive to me.)
Or am I missed something?

Thank you~

It’s expected. It was expected to treat oblique datasets explicitly to oblique/deoblique the datasets. Once the coordinates are aligned, then the warnings can be ignored. The warnings are just warnings, but one day we’ll get around to doing something a little more elegant regarding this. In the meantime, see this overview. You may also peruse previous postings regarding obliquity.

Ok, I see. Thanks for the continuous effort from the afni team for making it better.
I’m new to afni. The link to provide is well written, and that’s where I learnt to do the oblique/deoblique stuff:)