Converting between brik+head/nifti and analyze format

Hi everyone,

I am having a little bit of trouble with converting brik+head format files to a analyze format. I have study specific MNI template in brik and head format when I convert it to anazlyse format with 3dAFNItoANALYZE the axes values change as if it is in a different space now. Now if I take analyze version of the same template and us 3dCopy or 3dCalc to convert back to brik and head it does not change its axes values back to the original values. Picture one is the 3dinfo information of template in brik+head fromat and picture 2 is the 3dinfo for the analyze format of the same template. I have 2 questions: 1. Why does this change occur when converting to analyze format. 2. How can I bring the analyze template back into same space as the original brick and head teamplate?

The Analyze format is not well defined, so we typically do not recommend using it. The limitations regarding orientation are one of the important reasons NIFTI format was developed, and we do recommend that format. If you can not avoid it, then use environment variables suggested in the warnings you posted like AFNI_ANALYZE_ORIENT to force AFNI to assume a particular orientation when reading Analyze datasets.